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Halotherapy or Salt Therapy 

Halotherapy or Salt Therapy has been an essential part of medicine for thousands of years; starting with the Greeks and continuing today.

Salt (NaCI) has been used topically, taken internally and inhaled as a remedy, support treatment or a preventative.

Historically this has come about due to the observations of physicians notably at the Wieliczka Salt Mine (first opened in the 13th century) circa 1800’s that the miners there rarely suffered the same respiratory conditions as the general population. 

The historic Wieliczka Salt Mines

Fast forward to 1964 and Poland’s first underground allergy & respiratory treatment facility was created.


The world renowned Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort

At Solutions Skin & Health Clinic we aim to create the same atmosphere of a salt mine using a T.G.A. approved medical device that delivers a precisely controlled concentration of NaCI (6-10 mg/.ppm). That, through the research of Professor Alina V. Chervinskaya, has been shown to be most effective.

Solutions Health Salt Therapy Room


Salt Therapy is Useful For:

Chronic and acute respiratory conditions

Salt therapy has long been a safe and effective treatment practised in Europe for decades. So in conjunction with your regular medication, you may improve many chronic health conditions such as asthma, eczema, psoriasis, C.O.P.D and emphysema and sinusitis.

Sports performance and recovery

May help to increase lung capacity by reducing inflammation, therefore, increasing endurance.

Skin treatments

The wonderful healing properties of salt can help our largest organ with NaCl (salt) having natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, the redness and irritation of the skin may be reduced.

Stress reduction

Inhalation of air that is negatively charged may benefit our sense of relaxation (just like the action of waves on the beach). Relax on our massage chairs and feel your tension leave.

Sleep improvement

By reducing inflammation in the airways, the flow of oxygen is improved which may facilitate a better night's sleep.

What to expect

Resting in our massage chairs for up to 45 min, breathing normally you will inhale dry aerosolised pharmaceutical grade salt. Such fine particles penetrate deep into the respiratory system where the salt well known for it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties goes to work helping eliminate mucus and foreign allergens.


Your initial visit (includes a consultation) - $55.00

(please arrive 15 mins early)

Single Visit - $40.00

3 Session Card - $100.00

6 Session Card - $190.00

Unlimited monthly pass (cond apply) - $400.00

Unlimited weekend pass (cond apply) - $200.00

(ideal for chronic conditions)

Group bookings available (group of 7) - $240.00

Children - $30.00

(0-16 years must be accompanied by an adult - Adult $15 - Additional child $10)

Prices may change without notice but correct as from 1.07.17

Session Times

Adults (45 mins)
Children (30 mins)

Please call for our daily session times.

BOOK NOW 03 5561 2850


Salt Room Etiquette

  • Late arrivals will not be permitted once the session has started
  • The salt room is a quiet zone  (unless you have a private group booking)
  • NO fluids are to be taken into the room
  • Head phones or ear buds must be used if using a music device and volume at an appropriate level not to disturb other paying clients
  • Phones must be turned off or on flight mode
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