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Permanent Hair Reduction

We have 4 options to permanently reduce hair growth in all areas. Talk to our paramedical skin experts to determine which course of treatment would be best for you.

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Depilar - Permanent Hair Reduction

This is a blend of Natural enzymes that are applied after your waxing to reduce hair growth. We have seen great results and this is ideal for you if you have lighter hair colour, fine hair, like to tan and don't want to shave between laser treatments.

Eyebrow shaping
Half leg
Full leg
Other areas available ie: arms, back, stomach.

Laser - Intense Pulsed Light (I.P.L)

I.P.L is a long term solution to waxing and shaving and can be used in all areas of the body. Using an intense pulse of light, hair is vaporized at the root. Suitable for strong hair growth and darker, coarser hair.

eg: bikini, underarm. full back.

Client Testimonials (IPL)

"My journey with the girls at Solutions with IPL has truly been life changing. It has given me back my confidence to wear clothes I would not normally wear due to all the back hair I had going on. I was sceptical at first with the amount of hair reduction that was discussed but it was and is true. It is amazingly pain free, I can go straight back to work not feeling sticky from wax residue. Thank you Solutions, I am converted forever! "
D.S. Warrnambool

"I have been very happy with the results, there is hardly any hair anymore. There is hardly any pain which I am pleased with as the last place I went to was very painful. I have recommended Solutions to a lot of people as I am happy with my whole experience at Solutions."
S.C. Warrnambool

"I am very happy with the results of the Laser Hair Reduction treatment. It is almost painless, the worst it has been is like a quick mozzie bite with a slight heat sensation. I was impressed with the initial consultation process where I was given an appropriate amount of information about the treatment and different types of undesirable hair growth."
A.J. Warrnambool

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