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Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Testing

Hair mineral analysis is a simple, non-invasive, diagnostic tool that has been developed to help your naturopathic practitioner assess the levels of nutrients and toxic metals in your body. This test can give you effective information on the deficiencies or excess of 38 different minerals and heavy metals that you may need to address to achieve your health and wellness goals.

At Solutions Skin & Health Clinic, our naturopathic practitioners are fully qualified to provide hair mineral analysis, along with other forms of clinical testing. Hair mineral analysis, along with consultation and other forms of testing, can be used to gain an accurate picture of your current state of health, from which your naturopath can customize a treatment plan to help you achieve Optimum Health through means such as colon hydrotherapy, diet plans, detox saunas or detoxification programs.



Minerals are critical to our survival and can’t be produced by our body; therefore we must obtain adequate levels through food and water. Minerals provide structure in growing bones and teeth, help maintain normal neural conductivity (such muscle contraction and heart rhythm), and help alkalize our bodies to achieve pH balance critical to good health.

Solutions Skin & Health Clinic Hair Mineral Analysis can test your levels of vital minerals such as zinc, iron, silica, calcium and potassium.


Heavy Metals

Heavy metals have been linked to numerous diseases including neurological and developmental diseases in children; cancer, hypertension, heart disease, neurological disease and renal diseases in adults. Hair mineral analysis is an efficient and reliable way of screening for heavy metals. This is because hair concentrates toxic metals at levels up to 10 times greater than those in the blood.

Hair mineral analysis gives an accurate record of the previous 3-6 months exposure. In addition, its ability to detect other mineral abnormalities at the time of heavy metal toxicity analysis allows for a more complete assessment.


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