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Feet & Hands

A manicure - but more luxurious!

Including a cleansing mini facial, full hand exfoliation followed by a massage with essential oils and a moisturising pack that leaves your hands looking and feeling like velvet.


Feet Retreat

(30 minutes)

This treatment is for a quick tidy up. Ideal as a maintenance to keep your feet looking great (no polish applied).


Stop and Relax Foot Therapy 

(60 minutes)

Nothing can restore you after a day on your feet and leave your whole self feeling invigorated, stimulated yet totally balanced and relaxed. Buffing and massage with essential oils and finished with a professional reflexology treatment. Stimulation every one of the 7200 nerve endings in your feet. We give you a luxury spa foot scrub, a pedicure and use a foot max wax to infuse moisture. A powerful treatment that continues the benefits days after it has been completed!


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