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Hot Stone Facial

(45 minutes)

Using the principles of hot stone body therapy, your therapist incorporates aromatherapy and naturopathically blended skin care to improve not only your skin but ease tension physically and emotionally. Emerge ready for anything!


Solutions - Dream Teen

(45 minutes)
These facials are an excellent introduction to skin care. You receive a skin consultation prior to your treatment and experience relaxation and clean fresh skin. (Corrective facials may be recommended.)


Solutions - Revive

(30 minutes)
An excellent treatment using gorgeous products naturopathically formulated with herbal extracts, vitamins, flower essences and essential oils made on our premises so they are prescription blended just for you. Look and feel refreshed.


Solutions - Refresh

(60 minutes)
An hour of your time is well spent experiencing total relaxation. Using our naturopathically formulated prescription blends, regenerative massage for face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, gentle skin brushing, herbal steam infusion and pure plant extracts ensure your skin is glowing when you leave.


Facial Add-ons

Vitamin C Infusion


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Where every treatment from your eyebrow wax to your massage incorporates reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to soothe, rest and revive you.  
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Using the latest in non-invasive treatments and procedures to get real results for your skin without the medical price tag
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Naturopaths building health in the whole body rather than treating one symptom using corrective lifestyle habits, vitamins and herbal supplements