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About our Beauty Treatments

At Solutions Skin and Health Clinic all aspects of your health, well being and skin care needs are catered for. In a purpose built clinic and a caring environment where you will find three defined areas of treatment. Advanced technology using laboratory testing with the latest equipment is provided by not only qualified but experienced staff ensuring professional and real results.


Holistic Beauty

Where every treatment incorporates reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques using all Natural products. Our skin experts can create your own personal prescriptive blend, so that even your waxing treatment, lash tint or manicure will soothe and relax you. A paramedical range of products is also used to reduce hair growth, lengthen lashes or prevent ingrown hair.


Paramedical Skin Treatments

Solutions Skin and Health Clinic is the premier facility for non-invasive treatments and procedures. Keeping at the forefront of the newest and most advanced technology for the maintenance, enhancement and rejuvenation of your skin. Our experienced and highly trained staff treat active acne, photo-aging/pigmentation and scarring; and perform laser hair removal, red vein and capillary treatment.  Microdermabrasion, non chemical peels & medical strength skin care products are utilised so you get great results..... without surgery!


Natural Medicine is...

A philosophy of building health in the whole human system rather than treating a single symptom or cause. Our qualified and experienced Naturopath will provide you with a series of health solutions, based on corrective lifestyle habits, vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements. Offering you an improvement in vitality and total wellbeing. Hair mineral analysis - hormone testing and live blood analysis gives you a real with a series of health solutions.


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Where every treatment from your eyebrow wax to your massage incorporates reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to soothe, rest and revive you.  
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Using the latest in non-invasive treatments and procedures to get real results for your skin without the medical price tag
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Naturopaths building health in the whole body rather than treating one symptom using corrective lifestyle habits, vitamins and herbal supplements